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Free Washington University Biogas Plant Cost Calculator
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Author:  raddie [ Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  Free Washington University Biogas Plant Cost Calculator

I recently found a free anaerobic digestion plant cost calculator which is based upon the user completing an Excel spreadsheet. I am amazed :o that it is free to download because it seems to be well researched, and very valuable to anyone planning a new Anaerobic digestion plant project on a farm etc.

"The Anaerobic Digester (AD) System Enterprise Budget Calculator is intended for dairy owners, AD system industry experts, and AD researchers to be able to easily calculate the economic value of investment under a variety of technology and price scenarios for an AD system."

The web link is:

If anyone on this forum has a farm or other business and is in the US or Europe and wants some help in completing the spreadsheet, contact me and I'd be interested in helping you apply this AD Plant budget calculator to your project. After all, it is pretty much impossible to judge whether a tool like this one is genuinely useful until it has been applied for a real project.

I am pretty sure that Zorg Biogas would also help us to verify our calculations, by giving us their own budget price for comparison.

I hope that the rules of this forum allow me to add my email. You can contact me on my email which is

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